Mat-in-a-Box 6000 & 5000 - 18mm Closed Construction

Mat-in-a-Box 6000 & 5000 - 18mm Closed Construction
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Mat-in-a-Box 6000 & 5000 is constructed from ECONYL® regenerated solution dyed nylon wipers and a PVC-u base which is available in Black or Glacier (grey) in 18mm thickness and in closed construction.  The PVC-u base incorporates flexible pvc pads for noise reduction.

The wipers provide an effective surface for the removal of dirt and moisture and the closed construction allows dirt to be trapped on the surface of the mat for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Mat-in-a-Box 6000 & 5000 has a 7 year warranty (warranty is subject to type of application, installation and on-going cleaning and maintenance being in accordance to Gradus recommendations).


  • Mat-in-a-Box 5000 Corncrake
  • Mat-in-a-Box 5000 Cuckoo
  • Mat-in-a-Box 5000 Falcon
  • Mat-in-a-Box 5000 Jackdaw
  • Mat-in-a-Box 5000 Kestrel
  • Mat-in-a-Box 5000 Moorhen
  • Mat-in-a-Box 5000 Redpoll
  • Mat-in-a-Box 5000 Shelduck
  • Mat-in-a-Box 5000 Swallow
  • Mat-in-a-Box 6000 Atlantic
  • Mat-in-a-Box 6000 Galaxy
  • Mat-in-a-Box 6000 Indigo
  • Mat-in-a-Box 6000 Nickel
  • Mat-in-a-Box 6000 Nightfall
  • Mat-in-a-Box 6000 Rosemary
  • Mat-in-a-Box 6000 Shadow
  • Mat-in-a-Box 6000 Walnut
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