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Webmasters and owners of trade related web sites are encouraged to link to the Gradus web site. You may use a simple text link or choose from several size choices of our approved artwork for your use. Everything you need to link to the site is right here! From the examples below, simply copy the provided HTML that corresponds with the banner or button you wish to use and paste it into your HTML document.

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Gradus Limited world leader in contract interiors. Manufacturing and supplying a wide range of commercial and industrial flooring accessories, floorcoverings and soft furnishings. Gradus offers solutions for floorcoverings, barrier matting, wall protection,
and lighting design, in addition to a comprehensive range of stair edging and floor trim profiles, for a wide range of contract environments.


To download the appropriate Gradus logo "right click" on the logo "Save picture as..." to your hard drive. To add the hyperlink to the logo, "right click" inside the textbox below. Select all from the shortcut menu and copy. You can now paste the HTML code into your web page.

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