Stairtile 50mm Disc

Stairtile 50mm Disc
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Stairtile 50mm disc is available in a choice of 2 gauges:

  • 6.5mm sanded finish - typically supplied to ready-prepared floor finishes
  • 8.0mm sanded finish - typically supplied where further site finishing is required

Stairtile discs are typically rebated into concrete, marble and wood, and fixed with epoxy adhesive.

Discs are also available as 25mm and 38mm.

Stairtile is suitable for interior and exterior use, and has excellent slip-resistant properties, with a low risk of slip in both wet and dry conditions (see Pendulum Test Values - PTVs).

To ensure slip-resistant properties are maintained, any build up of contaminants such as grease must be managed using a thorough and regular cleaning regime.

Note: Discs not suitable for use on step edges.


  • Black - Stairtile
  • Brown - Stairtile
  • White - Stairtile
  • Yellow - Stairtile
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