Gradus Discussion Papers

Gradus Discussion Papers
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Welcome to our new series of Discussion Papers. Covering key subjects affecting the flooring, wall protection and accessories sectors these documents will discuss a range of relevant topics, reflecting the expertise and knowledge we have gathered over the years as a leading contract interior solutions provider. Providing objective and impartial advice, they are designed to help you navigate the key issues impacting on your industry today, offering a best practice guide and enabling you to make informed decisions about your product choices.


The Gradus Knowledge - Stair Safety Series - tackling all of the key considerations around stair safety in an easy to read and digest guide 

There are many misconceptions and grey areas with regard to the specification of stair edgings. ‘The Gradus Knowledge - Stair Safety Series’ looks to dispel some of these common myths and provide guidance to clear up the confusion. Not only will this help building owners specify fit-for-purpose solutions that meet current standards but will also ensure all users can navigate around public buildings safely. Click here to Download

Floorcoverings, Accessories & Adhesives – matching the right products to ensure compatibility, safety and durability
This paper was written in partnership with F Ball, a leading adhesives manufacturer. In this discussion paper, we explain some of the pitfalls to be aware of when installing floorcoverings and accessories and look at how to make sure the adhesives you use have been tested for use with the products you are installing. Click here to download


Flooring Accessories in Public Buildings – creating inclusive environments for the ageing population with a focus on stair safety

This discussion paper is designed to provide customers with advice and guidance and discusses how stair edgings, floor trims and barrier matting can be utilised to improve public building inclusivity and accessibility. Click here to download